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Lindsey Willard(812-279-5386)
Marshall Jon(812-279-6653)
Hoff Patricia(812-277-9319)
Sparks Travis(812-278-8622)
Turner Terry M(812-275-4995)
May D L(812-275-2871)
Perry Timothy(812-277-1980)
Bower Tessa(812-275-6924)
Grissom Leslie(812-279-1308)
Compton Lester(812-275-2998)
Hicks Robert(812-277-8608)
Stigall K(812-279-3379)
May William D(812-275-6380)
Foreman Frank E(812-275-5007)
Swango Daren L(812-277-1815)
England Jerry L(812-279-1374)
Allen Robt L(812-279-9424)
Endris Greg(812-279-5110)
Turner Randy(812-275-2573)
Lewis James C(812-278-3090)
Kiger Garry(812-277-0410)
Mitchell Rick(812-275-4612)
Innamorati Chet J(812-275-3187)
Sidorek Michael J(812-278-9838)
Verdeyen Dave M(812-279-3195)
Scheiwe John(812-279-0050)
Abernathy Bryan D(812-275-6131)
Avoca Baptist Church(812-275-5013)
Kinder H A(812-275-6785)
Problem Pregnancy Center(812-275-2827)
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