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Bayless Kenneth(260-589-2729)
Beer Elmer C(260-589-3748)
Brenneman Esther(260-589-4074)
Burley A F(260-589-8799)
Burley Helen M(260-589-3339)
Burnau Opal I(260-589-2802)
Butcher Gale(260-589-2963)
Christner Carl L(260-589-8796)
Circle Ruth(260-589-2749)
Claassen Curt A(260-589-8148)
Class Keith(260-589-1448)
Clauser F(260-589-8588)
Coolman David E(260-589-8066)
Corle Hascal(260-589-8594)
Curley L H(260-589-8402)
Depoy Lois(260-589-8530)
Dolch Ed(260-589-2176)
Dunker Loretta(260-589-1447)
Eckrote Harry T(260-589-2036)
Eicher Martha(260-589-3779)
First Bank of Berne(260-589-2401)
Ford Peggy(260-589-3674)
Fougerousse Thelma(260-589-9969)
Fox Ervin(260-589-8281)
Franze Helen V(260-589-8841)
Fryback C Z(260-589-3629)
Gartner R C(260-589-3099)
Geisel Oscar(260-589-2213)
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