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Arbuthnot Barbara R(812-768-5234)
Titzer John(812-359-5644)
Wood J(812-359-4687)
Muse German(812-649-2043)
Bailey L(812-649-2069)
Bailey William R(812-649-2069)
Bevins Angela(812-649-9068)
Kupcek Victor J(812-649-9048)
G & M Steel(812-649-5298)
Shelton Michael(812-649-2230)
Young Carl Jr(812-649-2642)
Schulte Alice(812-649-5943)
Fellwock Bernie(812-649-4195)
Howard James(812-649-2792)
Walls Stanley(812-649-2865)
Lester F(812-649-4891)
McBride Gary(812-649-9099)
Rearden Rodney D(812-649-9023)
Bratcher Jessica(812-649-5878)
Spencer County Church of Christ(812-649-5211)
Child Protection Service(812-649-9724)
Child Protection Service Spencer(812-649-2286)
Sermersheim Donald F(812-649-4501)
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