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Stoll Leroy O(260-637-3695)
Shartle Larry(260-637-8200)
Allen Dylon(260-338-1931)
Falls Janet(260-637-3133)
Fisher Michael(260-637-3136)
Badders Keith C(260-637-9396)
Jordan Jas K(260-637-3738)
Miller Reuben(260-637-5640)
Howard V L(260-637-5522)
Hedrick Wilma(260-637-3026)
Hathaway Antoinette(260-637-8921)
Johnston Debi(260-637-9049)
Johnston James(260-637-9049)
Hess Phillip P(260-637-5997)
Olson Christa(260-416-0784)
Olson Tim(260-416-0784)
Cass M S(260-637-6665)
Kerg Lisa(260-637-6081)
Kerg Terry(260-637-6081)
Buckenmeyer Dorothy(260-637-6509)
Buckenmeyer Harold(260-637-6509)
Hough Elenor(260-338-0866)
McCaugue Kenneth(260-338-0031)
Utterback Joanna(260-637-5529)
Utterback Max(260-637-5529)
Lavachek Harold(260-637-6274)
Smith Neal M(260-637-8028)
McMillan Melinda(260-637-5437)
Badders Nancy(260-338-0130)
Badders Thomas(260-338-0130)
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