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Ahaus Henry(812-623-3245)
Ahaus Vera(812-623-3245)
Schantz Gertrude(812-623-3245)
Winslow R J(812-623-6090)
Fette Marvin(812-623-2471)
Klump John(812-623-4336)
Thebo Art(812-623-3252)
Mallory William C(812-623-3471)
Schutte Diana(812-623-3789)
Schutte Lawrence(812-623-3789)
St Paul's School(812-623-2631)
Allen Dale L(812-623-2705)
Klumps Tavern(812-623-4175)
Nixon Jane(812-623-3126)
Marley Billie J(812-623-6820)
Seevers P M(812-623-2349)
Lillie Steven(812-623-4406)
Hoffbauer M(812-623-3237)
McQueen D(812-623-4253)
Callahan Jeff A(812-623-3717)
Dowers Gerald(812-623-6037)
Girty Paul A(812-576-2007)
Girty Paul A Enterprises(812-576-2207)
Dick Diana(812-576-1878)
Andres Sylvan(812-576-4399)
Gaynor Jake(812-576-3700)
Morse Cindy(812-576-2121)
Morse Michael(812-576-2121)
Murtaugh Justin(812-656-8284)
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