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Roembke Don(260-829-1225)
Friend Rebel(260-829-1083)
Thrush Tony(260-367-0192)
Good Richard(260-829-6945)
Beaty Norma(260-829-1288)
Booth David(260-829-6142)
Cossairt Trucking Service Inc(260-829-6310)
Whitcomb J(260-367-2759)
Boocher Michael L(260-829-6224)
Smith Manufacturing(260-829-6709)
Kellett Bret T(260-829-6423)
Rausch Chas E(260-829-6567)
Kain Donald C(260-829-6265)
Kain Rodney L(260-829-6398)
Orland Church of Nazarene(260-829-6395)
Sutton Chas(260-829-6222)
Knight Johnny L(260-833-1483)
Blue Flame Gas(260-829-6425)
Indiana State of(260-495-4705)
Sperry Jack(260-829-6621)
Shelton John A(260-829-6413)
Shop-Rite Markets(260-829-6105)
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