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Allen Robert(812-863-7745)
Sage Russell(812-865-2516)
Campbell Ruby(812-865-4421)
Jones Patty(812-865-1028)
Terrel Scott(812-865-1555)
Crane Ernest L(812-865-2735)
Martin Robert(812-865-2167)
Byrd Maudie L(812-865-3287)
Cassidy Brian(812-865-4305)
Bales Charles(812-865-3857)
Bush Mike W(812-865-3437)
Conley Carla(812-865-4566)
Abrecka Tracy(812-865-1779)
Asbury William(812-865-3501)
Pemberton Kathy D(812-865-3004)
Edwards S(812-865-3656)
Wells Marvin(812-865-2857)
Frazier Kevin(812-865-2883)
Brann Lewis(812-865-4938)
Thompson Marjorie(812-865-3896)
Williams R G(812-865-3154)
Lashbrook Robert A(812-865-2218)
Edmonson Julie(812-865-4452)
Edwards Tony(812-865-3109)
Johnson Leon(812-865-3615)
Staker Russell(812-865-3177)
First Baptist Church of Orleans(812-865-2394)
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