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Baxendale Paul II(765-832-2514)
Robbins Catherine(812-268-5387)
Murphy Jean(812-268-4047)
Woodruff D J(812-268-3437)
Pugh Carl A(812-268-6724)
Buckley Jack(812-268-5923)
Sater Thomas(812-268-5357)
Wilson George M(812-268-3469)
Gambill Wilbur E(812-268-3108)
Burton Billy R(812-268-6929)
Landis Miriam(812-268-5294)
Bitler Kent(812-268-6786)
Donnelly Bill(812-268-4432)
Courtney Marjorie(812-268-4878)
Harris J K(812-268-4916)
Mason Eloise(812-268-4207)
Hoke Carolyn(812-268-4062)
McNally Rebecca(812-268-6693)
Clark Norma L(812-268-6504)
Schulze Brian(812-268-0584)
Slopsema Fred(812-268-3062)
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2459(812-268-6296)
Norton Katherin(812-268-1023)
Norton Todd(812-268-1023)
Schlotman Charles C(812-268-4897)
Fox Peter R(812-268-4595)
Deal Mark(812-268-4032)
Wible Eugene(812-268-0435)
Sater Thomas M(812-268-4080)
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