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Brooks J(260-635-2076)
Jackson D(260-351-3799)
Bremer Michael K(260-351-2789)
Hoppe Jack(260-351-3147)
Hoppe Mary A(260-351-3147)
Freistroffer William(260-351-4425)
McBride G D(260-351-4900)
McBride Marvin E(260-351-4900)
Alspaugh Ron(260-351-3545)
Huber Jon(260-351-3811)
Perkins James(260-351-4730)
Perkins Linda(260-351-4730)
Langley Thomas(260-351-3461)
Bovee Norman A(260-351-3242)
Gilliland Blaine(260-351-3285)
Bovee Cheri(260-351-2454)
Bovee Jeffrey(260-351-2454)
Claussen Richard(260-351-2052)
Angela Niccum(260-351-3329)
Lepley Scott(260-351-4076)
Sheets Ken(260-351-4313)
Sheets Suzie(260-351-4313)
Coker A(260-351-2928)
Bowman Tracy L(260-351-2985)
Krahulec Monte(260-854-4887)
Jennings Ron(260-854-2229)
Starkweather Harold(260-854-4393)
Krahulec Mark(260-854-4780)
Thorne Ronald L(260-854-3762)
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